About this blog

One summer evening in July 2010, I finally decided to take the plunge and start this food blog. I have never done anything like this before and I wondered if I could sustain this blog, will I be able to describe how to make the recipe exactly or will I be able to take decent photographs of my food.

Until now all I did was scribble down recipes on little scrapes of paper and then store them between pages of my cookbooks. And then when I needed a particular recipe I could/would almost never find it. However, at a later date, when least needed, it would pop up. So finally with this blog I hope to catalog all my tried and true favorites and find them just a couple of clicks away. Most of my recipes are recipes from my mother, grandmother and aunts.

I chose the name Cumin and Cardamom as these are my favorite spices. I cook a lot of different cuisines on my blog, however, since I am of Indian decent, there are a lot of Indian dishes on my blog.

My photographing skills are from nil to none. My only experience is taking family photos posing in front of tourist spots. I currently own a Sony Cyber-shot Camera and I am still exploring how to shoot decent food shots with it.

About me

Hi, my name is Renuka. I was born in Ghana and spent the biggest chunk of my life in the beautiful coastal city of Accra.  I have also spent some time in India and now I am settled in the United States of America.

My interest in cooking and baking began by watching and helping out my mother in the kitchen. She is a very talented lady and cooking is just one of her talents. She is also an experienced baker and baked a lot of my birthday cakes. I have always been fascinated by food and so I studied Hotel Management and Catering.

I love the different natures of both cooking and baking. In cooking the same recipe will taste different when cooked by two different people. Everyone brings something different to a recipe. It has an intuitive feel to it, you do not have to follow exact measurements. However, baking is like a science, you have to be exact or else you will fail miserably.

I am very happy blogging my recipes and I wish that you all will enjoy them as much as my family and I do.

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