Thursday, October 21, 2010

Playful Kitten with Yarn Cake

When I first saw this cake on the cover of  50 Easy Party Cakes I fell in love with it.....couldn't wait to make one for myself. So yesterday there was a birthday at our home and my son wanted a kitty cat cake so here was my chance to make this extremely cute cake....

I used the pre-made black fondant from Wilton for the kitty and tinted their white fondant pink for the yarn. I also baked the cake in their sports ball cake pan . I made the yarn using one of my son's play-doh tools. The cake is a yellow cake and on top of it I put a layer of pink buttercream frosting. Then I placed the fondant yarn on the buttercream. In the book the author, Debbie Brown, covers the cake with a fondant covering too, but I skipped that step. The fondant yarn stuck quite well on the buttercream.

These cakes take a long time to make but I am always happy to make them, maybe it is all the sugar clouds I inhale while mixing the cake and buttercream batter that gives me a sugar high or it is just the look of pure pleasure on my son's face...... they are so easy to please at this age ;o)

I tried to take photos while making it but sometimes I was so in the zone that I plain forgot. The recipe that I used for the cake and buttercream icing is from my vanilla cupcake post. I baked the cake for 35-40 minutes at 350 F. As for the buttercream, I needed just half of the recipe.

Playful Kitten with Yarn Cake

Tangle some yarn over the kitten.

Laying the fondant yarn on buttercream. The picture quality is bad as it was indoors and there was no light on this side.

This will be the front of the ball.

This is the side view. I missed taking a photo here, what I did here was to place some  threads diagonally against the front triangle. I did one side at a time. I used about 12 -13 threads and repeated the same on the other side.

Here is the top view. This might give you a better idea. You can see the front triangle at the bottom.

How I made the kitten. The face, body, tail and legs.

Add the ears, nose and mouth and your kitten is ready. My kitty has just two toes, not anatomically correct :o)


  1. dont know what to say... ur just too good.. i mean how can one make such wonderful cakes... the pink wool, the expressions of the kitten wowwwww... hats off..

  2. Thanks Ketaki,you are the sweetest sister one could ever have.

  3. This is stunning! I love it. You are really so creative when it comes to these things.
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  4. BEAUTIFUL! BEAUTIFUL!Renuka, you are really talented!

  5. I am holding my breathe, it is just beautiful and very very special! Thumbs up :-)

    Sawadee from Bangkok,

  6. wow.. this is stunning work.. i have no words to appreciate.. bravo !!

    Thanks For Linking it with Iftar Nights..

    Jabeen's Corner

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  7. Hi, Came here through Iftar Nights Link... This cake lloks absolutely fabulous.. Your son must have been soo happy...