Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Besan Ke Ladoo

I would like to wish all my friends and family a very Happy Diwali. So Diwali is here again and in the flurry of getting the home all spic and span and making sweets, I have neglected to post these recipes sooner. And now that there is only one day left I thought I will post a recipe that requires minimum effort and gives maximum pleasure !

So here is my very easy to make, delicious Besan Ke Ladoo recipe. This recipe is from my college days and was part of one of the menus in our cookery class. When I brought some of these ladoos home, my mom and grandma loved them and my grandma even made me make these again for her.

The only thing to keep in mind is to let the mixture cool down thoroughly. Also do not worry if your mixture feels too soft and your balls are flattening. If this happens, make all the balls and keep them on a plate and after 15 minutes roll each ball again between the palm of your hands. The mixture would have hardened a little and the balls will maintain their shape, this time.

Besan Ke Ladoo

Makes about 14 ladoos


1 1/2 packed cup/250 gm Bengal Gram Flour / Besan
3/4 cup/150 gm ghee, melted
1 1/4 cup/ 250 gm sugar
1/4 tsp cardamom powder / elaichi powder
some cashew nuts for garnishing

  • In a medium saucepan, on low heat ( on my electric stove I set it on 3 - 10 being the hottest ), combine the ghee and besan. Mix thoroughly and cook on this low heat till the besan gives out a nutty smell. Keep stirring the besan and ghee mixture so that it does not brown on the bottom. Cook this for approximately 6-8 minutes.
  • Remove from heat and let it cool thoroughly ( I let mine cool for 1 hour ). Once cooled down add the sugar and cardamom, mix it all together. Let this sit for about 15 minutes.
  • Now divide this mixture into 14 portions and roll it into small balls. Stick a piece of cashew nut on the top as a garnish. It is now ready to be enjoyed.


  1. hi renuka, love to read ur recipes...gives me lots of ideas ,..just wanted to know..if the sugar is powdered or is it the small grained one...?

  2. Hi Zarin,
    Thank you so much. I used the small grained one ( if you see the close up photo, you will see tiny grains of sugar in it !)...you can powder it if you like but there is really no need too...

  3. they look so perfect! I can't wait to try these out. :) Thanks for sharing & Happy Diwali!

  4. Happy Diwali to you too E.K.R. and thanks for the compliment.

  5. They look so adorable.. u have wonderful recipes here..

    Thanks For Linking it with Iftar Nights..

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  6. your Laddoos look so perfect and neat .. very nicely done !

    Glad to follow you now.. :)